You're in great hands

We will take care of everything for you, from permitting to excavation to final product. Here are some projects we have recently completed.


Replacement of Septic System on a Steep Site

  • Design of complicated tiered mounded field with retaining wall
  • Excavation of land to create 2 descending mounds
  • Installation of piping and gravel to create septic system
  • Covering of septic mounds with dirt to create pleasing landscape
  • Installation of rock retaining wall
  • Replacement of all plumbing, pumping system and contols

Disassembly of Existing Historic Cabin

An historic cabin structure on Baldy Mountain needed to be dissembled and moved to a different location. Using multiple trucks and equipment to access back-country site the structure was carefully taken apart with each piece salvaged and labeled for future reassebly.


Installation of Drainage Pipe

  • Summit County Right of Way Permitting
  • Installation of culverts underneath driveway site
  • Grading of driveway and sprading of roadbase